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Pat McAfee to Brett Favre: ‘I’ll See You In Court, Pal’

Brett Favre has filed a defamation lawsuit against media personalities Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe for their characterizations of Favre’s Mississippi welfare scandal. Friday, McAfee responded.

“I’m getting sued by Brett Favre,” McAfee said from Radio Row to open his Friday show. “I’m getting sued alongside Shannon Sharpe and an auditor from Mississippi by Brett f—ing Favre. Brett Favre’s suing me in a defamation lawsuit, saying I defamed his name to try to earn a profit.”

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The former Indianapolis Colts punter then explained he received a letter from Favre’s legal team asking him to remove any video that mentioned the former Packers quarterback from his digital library.

“So I looked at that and said, ‘that is hilarious!’ Of course, we’re not doing that,” McAfee said.

“Then a few days later ‘You have until Wednesday — this Super Bowl week — 8:30 PM ET to issue a public apology to Brett Favre and also to erase all of the video in your catalog that involves Brett Favre’s name.’”

McAfee hasn’t been shy in his criticism of Favre, going as far as to say he would mention the scandal every time the Pro Football Hall of Famer’s name was mentioned.

Favre is accused of influencing Mississippi government officials to misuse state welfare funds to bankroll a new volleyball arena at the University of Southern Mississippi. A USM alum himself, Favre’s daughter was enrolled at the University and a member of the school’s volleyball team at the time of the alleged impropriety.

The Pat McAfee Show host said he won’t back down and will continue to proclaim his innocence in the matter.

“A lot of people are wondering how my lawyers are gonna handle this,” concluded McAfee. “You know it, I ain’t got ‘em. So let’s ride this f—er. I’m excited to see how it goes. I’ll see you in court, pal.”

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