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David Kaplan: No One Doing Mock Drafts ‘Is Wired Enough To Know All the Picks’

With so many people releasing mock drafts as Thursday approaches, it can be easy to forget that nothing has actually happened yet. David Kaplan went off Monday morning on ESPN Chicago’s Kap & JHood saying he is over the projections being released every day. He compared them to political ads during election season.

“Can we stop with the mock drafts? Not one of these dudes is wired enough to know all the picks. Not one!”

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He added that there is some value to the opinions of people like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. Even with them though, Kaplan doesn’t believe they have abundant insight into what teams plan to do. He just knows that they have been evaluating players and team needs for a long time and have earned his trust.

His partner, Jonathan Hood, accused him of hating fun. He also said that Kap railing against mock drafts is “putting his beak in Kiper’s pocket.”

David Kaplan reiterated that he is not talking about Kiper. He said that he puts a lot of stock in Mel Kiper Jr’s scouting reports. There are just too many voices in this space now.

“Every day, there’s a person I’ve never heard of doing a mock draft,” he said. “‘The Bears are locked in on this.’ No, they’re not. They’re not. You have no idea because Ryan Poles is not talking to anybody about who he’s drafting.”

He said that he is a big fan of the draft and is looking forward to the event. He just wants to make sure listeners know that any of the jockeying for positions that these mock drafts are projecting has not really happened.

“Let’s just get to Thursday. It’s an awesome night.”

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