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Vice Media Eliminating Vice News Tonight

Vice News Tonight has been canceled by parent company Vice Media as part of ongoing layoffs at the company.

The cuts are “part of the wider ongoing restructure of Vice Media Group and the result of tough financial realities which continue to challenge the business in the midst of the sales process and changes to our funding model,” according to a memo from Vice News Vice President Subrata De.

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The program debuted in 2016 on HBO and recently celebrated its 1,000th episode. Vice News Tonight garnered more Emmy nominations than any nightly newscast since its inception. In 2019, HBO declined to renew the deal, which led to the program moving to Vice’s cable channel in 2020. After dropping to a four-day-a-week schedule, the program ultimately became just a weekly show at the beginning of this year.

“For nearly seven years, VNT has been a lynchpin for us – a guiding light to so many, and an industry leader in awards and storytelling,” De continued.

The cancelation is the latest in a long line of changes for Vice Media. The company’s President and CEO have each departed since the start of the year. Late last year, the company mandated cost-cutting of 15%, and had instituted a hiring freeze.

The final Vice News Tonight is scheduled for Thursday, May 25th.

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