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Jen Psaki: Fox News Will Continue White Nationalist Tropes After Tucker Carlson’s Exit

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki eviscerated Fox News during her MSNBC program Sunday.

During Inside with Jen Psaki, the eponymous host took aim at the network for continuing strong rhetoric towards immigrants even after the departure of Tucker Carlson and said that’s the M.O. of the network.

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“Was it because of highly offensive and crude messages discovered by the board of directors? Maybe. Like reportedly calling a female executive the C-word? You know, the one,” Psaki said after questioning the reason for Carlson’s ouster. “Was it due to the workplace harassment lawsuit filed by a former producer, or was it simply that Rupert Murdoch decided Carlson was more trouble than he was worth?

“For now, it’s not entirely clear. But what we do know is that, for years, Fox News seemed to have ample reasons — many of them — to oust Carlson and did nothing.”

Psaki then aired clips of Carlson calling immigrants “poor” and “dirty”, before showing his encapsulation that those participating in the January 6th Insurrection were actually plants from the FBI. She then aired a clip of Carlson saying President Joe Biden’s immigration policies were designed to “change the racial mix of the country”.

“Throughout it all, Fox backed Tucker…And for years they did. But if you think Tucker’s firing means Fox has seen the light? Don’t hold your breath. Don’t judge them on why they fired Carlson. Judge them for all the times they didn’t and judge them for what they’re still putting on the air this week. Since his exit on Monday, it’s been business as usual for their primetime lineup,” Psaki said before showcasing a clip featuring Laura Ingraham claiming the Biden administration values “illegal immigrant DREAMers over native-born Americans”.

“Fox News may have had a problem with Tucker himself, but his ideas, the conspiracies, the lies, his explicit white nationalist views were never the total problem for the network. They endorsed all of that and continue to do so. This is simply who they are,” concluded Psaki.

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