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Jemele Hill: Reports I’m Leaving Spotify Aren’t True

Jemele Hill recently took to Twitter to address the misconceptions surrounding her podcast, expressing that many reports circulating is simply untrue. She clarified that her podcast had not been canceled, and contrary to rumors, she never made a $100 million request to Spotify. Hill said she found the situation rather amusing and described it as comical.

According to a recent TMZ report, Hill is currently negotiating a separation from Spotify, where she has been exclusively hosting her thought-provoking podcast “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” since 2019. Multiple sources have indicated that she is now actively searching for a new platform to continue her show. The ‘Unbothered’ podcast network, which showcases other talented Black podcasters, is reportedly ending. Speculations suggest that Spotify may either release her from her contract ahead of schedule or allow it to expire.

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“People: A lot of what’s been reported just isn’t true. My podcast hasn’t been canceled. I never asked Spotify for $100M. This s**t is truly comical,” she tweeted.

Jemele Hill further addressed the issue through a Twitter exchange with someone who brought up the quote, responding by emphasizing the need for better comprehension and suggesting a thorough reading of the original article. She stated, “I never told Spotify or the NYT that I deserved $100M. My deal at Spotify is fair. This was about advocating for investment and growth, specifically for prominent Black podcasters.”

It is evident that her intention was to highlight the importance of supporting and investing in diverse voices within the podcasting industry.

Jemele Hill’s podcast does not rank among the top-performing shows on the platform.

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