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Scott Hastings: I Need Dan Patrick in My Life

Denver Nuggets color analyst Scott Hastings has really appreciated his run of appearances on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the team’s run to the NBA Finals.

Hastings joined DP on Monday ahead of Game 3 on Wednesday in Miami, and at the end of the conversation, Scott wanted to share his appreciation for Dan.

“I just wanted to say I miss you and I love you and I need you in my life,” Hastings said.

Patrick responded that the Nuggets just need to keep winning so they can keep checking in. Otherwise Dan said he’d be calling in to Polumbus, Hastings and Dover on Altitude Sports Radio 92.5 FM to talk NFL.

“I’m a frontrunner,” Patrick said. “If you guys don’t win, then I’ll be calling ya to talk about the Broncos.”

Hastings joked that he’d love to talk Broncos, because Lord knows they don’t talk enough Denver football on the show.

“I guarantee Fritzy has come to you a thousand times trying to get Broncos guests,” he said. “That ain’t gonna work.”

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