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NewsNation Titanic Submarine Interview Goes Viral After Expert Shares Grim Outlook

Retired Navy Captain Don Walsh joined Ashleigh Banfield on her NewsNation show earlier this week, and his grim outlook on the likelihood of finding the missing submarine exploring the wreck of the Titanic has gone viral.

Banfield introduced Walsh as one of the foremost experts in U.S. deep-water exploration and ocean navigation. He served as the country’s first submersible pilot and a former submarine commander.

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The very first question Banfield asked Walsh was “Do you have optimism that they are going to be able to find this vessel?”

“No,” Walsh simply replied.

“That’s a very hard answer to hear,” admitted Banfield.

(Courtesy: newsnation)

The cold response from Walsh led many to share the interview on social media, with the interaction gaining traction on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

NewsNation has been under fire for the tone of its coverage surrounding the Titan submersible vessel going missing. The network showcased an “Oxygen Remaining” countdown on the screen for several hours before ultimately removing the banner. Many observers called the graphic “sad”, “classless”, and “insensitive”.

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