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California News/Talk Station KSRO Hit By Cyberattack

Amaturo Sonoma Media Group is dealing with a cyberattack, with news/talk station KSRO being affected by the incident.

According to a report from All Access, KSRO is one of four stations dealing with the attack. Company President and General Manager Michael O’Shea reported that the digital databases for four of the nine stations owned by the group were attacked.

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“We’re not negotiating with these offshore scumbags, but rebuilding everything,” O’Shea said.

The attack began on Thursday, June 29th at around 3:00 AM. O’Shea claimed the organization only regained enough control to air commercials in the late morning on Monday.

KSRO is the latest in a long line of media entities affected by cyberattacks. Earlier this year, the Philadelphia Inquirer was subject to an attack, while Skyview Networks saw massive disruptions in its ability to distribute both ABC News Radio and CBS News Radio after it was attacked in late January.

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