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Comcast President: ‘Very Improbable’ Company is Strategic Partner for ESPN

Speculation of some sort of deal between Disney and Comcast regarding ESPN is nothing new, but it is also off base according to Mike Cavanagh. The President of Comcast told Deadline that he does not anticipate any kind of deal between the two companies.

“I’ve been asked about and read about speculation that in some way we might be interested in swapping businesses as part of what’s going on in the sports space, and I would just say that that’s very improbable,” he said.

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Disney and Comcast are currently negotiating over the latter’s stake in Hulu. Disney would like full control of the streaming platform. Some analysts have valued the stake at $9 billion. 

The prospective price tag, combined with Bob Iger’s desire to find a strategic partner for ESPN, has led plenty to speculate that Disney might be more interested in making a trade than cutting a check. Cavanagh says it isn’t that simple.

“As you’d imagine, there are tremendous issues around tax, minority shareholders and structuring generally. So, I would put aside the probability that there’s anything inorganic that’s likely to happen around ESPN in particular.”

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