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1310, 96.7 The Ticket Announces New Midday Shows With Matt McClearin, Sean Bass & David Mino

Things are changing at The Ticket in Dallas. After weeks of goodbyes, the station said hell to not one, but two new shows on Monday. 

The middays will still be made up of two shows, but there are a whole lot of new faces. Donovan Lewis is getting a new partner and adding an hour. Matt McClearin, who said goodbye to JOX 94.5 in Birmingham last week, will join him every weekday from 10 am to 1 pm. That expands the time slot Lewis shared with Norm Hitzges by an hour.

While he is a new addition to the lineup, McClearin is not new to Ticket listeners. This is actually his third stint at the station and with Cumulus in Dallas. 

“How are we going to do three hours?” Lewis joked. “I’m used to doing two hours. You’re used to doing two hours. We’re gonna be so exhausted in that third hour.”

“He knows what he’s talking about and he knows what he’s doing,” he added. “And I’ve listened to some of his show preparing for this, and he’s done the same thing. So we’re really, truly excited to get this thing going.”

The other new show will see two producers move up to hosting roles. Sean Bass and David Mino will be on the air every day from 1-3 pm. Bass had been producing Lewis and Hitzges. Mino was producing The Hardline in afternoon drive.

“Reality hasn’t really set in,” said Mino. “We landed in California last night. Like, we’re halfway expecting to be pranked.”

Listeners got a surprising one-two punch of goodbyes recently. Hitzges’s retirement was expected. The sudden departures of Dan McDowell and Jake Kemp were not

“Obviously, the changes we’re all still adjusting to, but we’re thrilled,” said Bass. “We’re not going to half-ass it. We’ll give you everything every day.”

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