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Nick Kayal: Nobody Talks About Fox News When Things Are Going Well

The parent company of Fox News reported strong financial results in the second quarter despite challenges and a $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. 1210 WPHT host Nick Kayal wondered why we hear about the negatives surrounding Fox News, but rarely the positives.

“Nobody writes about Fox doing good,” Kayal said Friday after noting Fox News has seen financial growth since Carlson’s exit. “It would only be a story if ‘Oh my god, they’ve lost 58% of their audience and Tucker Carlson, he took all the audience with him’.”

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Kayal then added that the shine may have already come off Tucker on Twitter.

“The fanfare for Tucker’s Twitter episodes has really gone down. But you know, he’s had episodes almost on a weekly basis. I’ve seen them. I don’t think there’s anything special like the first couple were like, ‘Okay, this is pretty good’. And now it’s kind of like people could be — it could be the summertime.”

During its earnings call earlier this week, Fox Corp. reported that while its advertising revenue dropped 4%, its affiliate fee grew by 3% and the television division was up 9% total.

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