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Leland Vittert: Nobody Deserves A Free Pass During Town Halls

The 2024 Presidential campaign is already well underway, and prospective Republican nominee Vivek Ramaswamy is about to embark upon a town hall with NewsNation. The event will be moderated by chief Washington D.C. anchor Leland Vittert, and he believes it’s his duty to ask fair, but difficult questions.

Ramaswamy will sit down with NewsNation for 90 minutes Monday evening, with Vittert fielding questions from an in-studio audience, as well as pre-recorded questions from potential voters.

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When Leland Vittert was asked what he hopes viewers take away from the event, he said a feeling of who Ramaswamy is sits at the top of his list.

“I hope they come away with a better understanding of who Vivek Ramaswamy is. His strengths, his weaknesses. There’s going to be audience questions of people who seem more positive towards him, and there’s going to be audience questions of people who have real, difficult questions for him,” Vittert told TVNewser. “That’s the landscape right now, so I want people to come away feeling like they understand a lot more about who he is and that he’s gotten a fair 90 minutes of being able to explain to the American people who he is and why he wants to be president and the audience has gotten a fair opportunity to question him.

“Remember, all of these people running for president are asking for the job that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama had. Nobody deserves a free pass when they’re coming to interview for the most important job certainly in America, if not the world.”

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