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Jason Rantz: With New Book Out Soon, I’m Paying Close Attention to Mark Levin Situation

On two separate occasions, Mark Levin has shared roadblocks he has encountered while trying to promote his new book. 770 KTTH host Jason Rantz also has a book due at the same time as Levin, and shared he is monitoring the situation closely.

During The Jason Rantz Show Wednesday, the Seattle host said Levin’s current plight highlights the disparity conservative authors face compared to their liberal counterparts.

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“This brings attention to the plight that conservative authors face. And maybe it’s a little bit less important with Mark Levin, because he has such a large platform in addition to his radio show, which is on KTTH, he’s got his TV show on Fox News,” said Rantz. “He’s got over a million followers on social media. So it’s a little bit easier for him to cope.

“But I keep thinking about ‘What if that were to happen to me and my book?’ because that would really severely hurt. I’m not going to be able to sell a bunch of books just on this show. And as much as I hope every single person who’s listening will go ahead and pre-order on Amazon What’s Killing America, I’m not going to turn this show into five days a week, non-stop promotion of my book.”

During The Mark Levin Show earlier this week, the longtime conservative pundit shared that his upcoming book — The Democrat Party Hates America — was unable to place ads on Facebook and Instagram due to the title.

Rantz shared that he can’t afford to undergo the same fate as Levin.

“I’m paying such close attention to this. And well, I’m not sure I would say I’m anxious at this point — mostly because I generally don’t feel anxiety like that — but I’m hyper-aware. And I’m certainly trying to think about ways that I can get around that. And the truth is they could easily destroy the success of this book,” Rantz concluded.

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