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Nick Kayal: MSNBC’s Ratings Dropping Due to Anti-Israel Coverage

Cable news outlets have seen differing viewership totals since the outbreak of attacks between Israel and Hamas earlier this month. However, 1210 WPHT morning host Nick Kayal argues MSNBC is losing viewers because of its biased coverage.

During Kayal and Company Monday, Nick Kayal claimed that MSNBC has seen a decline in audience because hosts like Mehdi Hasan and Ali Velshi have shared their pro-Palestinian views, which isn’t widely accepted.

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“MSNBC has actually fallen off in the ratings during this war coverage we gave you the ratings are down about 33%. That’s the Hamas propaganda right there,” said Kayal. “By the way, Mehdi Hassan has made his stance very clear on this issue. The problem facing MSNBC is you employ Mehdi Hassan who has been very pro-Palestinian cause.”

Kayal opined that for a network like MSNBC to remove hosts like Hasan and Velshi because of their “slanted” views on a topic shows how out of step they are with the average cable news viewer.

Earlier this month, it was reported that MSNBC had sidelined Hasan, Velshi, and reporter Ayman Mohyeldin — who was a frequent fill-in host for Joy Reid — for their pro-Palesinian stances. However, the network denied the allegations.

“We have and will continue to thoroughly cover the horrific terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in Israel over the past weekend and the resulting tragic war in all its aspects,” stated NBCUniversal Executive Vice President of Communications Stephen Labaton.

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