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Erin Andrews Releases Statement After Admission of Fabricating Reports with Charissa Thompson Goes Viral

Following the admission from Charissa Thompson of fabricating sideline reports when she was working in the role for FOX Sports, a previous clip from the Calm Down podcast has surfaced where FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews admits to doing something similar.

Within the quotes, which occurred during an interview with Jay Cutler, Andrews reacted to Thompson describing the reasoning behind her formulated reports and shared that she would engage in the practice when coaches did not provide her sufficient information or if what they said would portray them in a negative light.

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A spokesperson for Andrews provided a statement for The New York Times article that defends her journalistic integrity. Andrews has worked as the lead reporter for the NFL on FOX for over a decade and was on the network’s broadcast of the Super Bowl last year, along with Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen, and Tom Rinaldi.

“For her entire career, Erin Andrews has worked very closely with coaches, players, and P.R. staffs to ensure accuracy in her reporting,” the statement read.

Thompson and Andrews last released an episode of their podcast on Thursday, which aligns with when Thompson’s remarks began to circulate across the internet. She was excoriated by various industry professionals, including sideline reporters defending the legitimacy and credibility intrinsic with the job.

It remains unknown whether or not Calm Down will address the matter on its next episode, as neither host has spoken publicly regarding the matter outside of statements provided to news outlets and/or posted on social media.

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