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Greta Van Susteren: ‘I Am Lucky MSNBC Fired Me’ After Ronna McDaniel Backlash

In 2017, Greta Van Susteren departed MSNBC after less than six months due to poor ratings of her evening program. She says that’s a blessing after the way network hosts have responded to the hiring of Ronna McDaniel.

In a thread on X, Van Susteren shared her thoughts on reactions from NBC News and MSNBC staffers objecting to the hiring of the former RNC chair.

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“I am lucky MSNBC fired me,” Van Susteren wrote. “They are like Russia TV. They don’t want different viewpoints.”

The current Newsmax host continued by claiming former Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd threw a “liberal hissy fit” over McDaniel’s hiring.

Later, she added that having someone like McDaniel on was “important to a democracy.”

“It is understandable to have different opinions,” said Van Susteren. “But it is dangerous to a democracy when a news organization acts like Russia TV and cancels all opinions different from their own. A free exchange of ideas is important to a democracy.”

Todd was not the only person to object to McDaniel joining the press she frequently decried during her tenure with the RNC. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough shared that he was not consulted about the situation before McDaniel joined the outlet, but added that he would have “strongly objected” to her hiring.

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