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Jen Psaki ‘Skeptical’ CNN, ABC News Presidential Debates Actually Happen

Yesterday, CNN and ABC News both announced dates for presidential debates. MSNBC host Jen Psaki is skeptical the events actually take place.

While appearing on Pod Save America, the former Biden Press Secretary was asked about the surprise announcements that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump would be debating one another after both had been hesitant to participate.

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“I’m still a skeptic, a little bit,” she said.

When one of the co-hosts agreed that she was right to hold that position, the MSNBC host said that the play by the Biden campaign to put the ball in Trump’s court was an “interesting” development.

However, Jen Psaki added that some of the stipulations of the debate could be a sticking point for the Trump camp that could ultimately lead to him reneging on his pledge to appear.

“Trump could certainly say, ‘I never agreed to those specifics in the letter,’ and he probably will, and that’s how this all falls apart even though he’s basically said, ‘I would debate him anytime,’” said Psaki.

As currently constructed, CNN will host the two candidates at its Atlanta studios on Thursday, June 27th. ABC News is set to host its debate on Tuesday, September 10th. Neither event will feature a live audience, and both networks have yet to announce a concrete format or debate moderators.


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