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Harris Faulkner: I Went to Vietnam For FOX Nation Show At Urging Of My Dad’s Younger Brothers

Fox News host Harris Faulkner debuted a new mini-series on FOX Nation following her father’s footsteps through Vietnam during the war. In a recent interview, she shared her motivations for going.

Vietnam: Footsteps of My Father with Harris Faulkner debuted earlier this month as a three-part limited series. The program details the two tours of duty her father, Lt. Col. Bobby Harris, took through the Southeast Asian nation while fighting nearly 50 years ago.

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Faulkner — who was recently voted as the most trustworthy anchor at Fox News in a Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter poll — shared that she was apprehensive to take the trip until urging from her family members.

“I thought it was going to hurt my heart,” Faulkner told TVNewser. “But I asked my dad’s younger brothers about it and they said, ‘You do it—and you do it in the name of your father.’”

She shared that the conversation about visiting Vietnam was never broached with her father, who died on Christmas Day in 2020. Had it ever come up, she would have went in a heartbeat.

“My dad never went back, and I never talked with him about it,” Faulkner says. “Had he even given an inkling of wanting to go, we would have done it together.”

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