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Jake Marsh Leaving Barstool Sports to Pursue Play-by-Play Opportunities

After five years with Barstool Sports, Jake Marsh announced that today was his last episode on Pardon My Take. Marsh said that now is the right time to pursue his dream of being a national network play-by-play broadcaster.

“I’m here to make an announcement,” Marsh said to Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz and PFT Commenter. “It’s an announcement that was inevitable at some point. After talking with you guys, now makes the most sense. The fact of the matter is this is going to be my last episode on Pardon My Take.”

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Big Cat and PFT Commenter said this is something they have been talking about for four or five months, not something Marsh just decided on a whim. “We love having you on the show Jake, you’re a big part of the Pardon My Take story,” PFT Commenter said. “We are very glad you are a part of the story. Me and Big Cat have always said, one day you’re going to go try to do live broadcasts and we are going to wish you the best and we are going to be firmly in your corner. And that is very, very true to this day. I wish you the best career possible. I hope one day you are calling a Super Bowl that we are watching and losing bets on…and then blaming you for losing the bets.”

Marsh explained the reasoning behind his departure. “One of the biggest dominos for this happening right now is the direction Barstool is going in, live broadcasting rights are no longer a priority for this company,” he said. “…And obviously that was my bread and butter here. That’s where I thrive the most. I am so fortunate I got to call multiple bowl games on national television, college basketball, hockey, professional golf.”

Marsh, hired as an intern five years ago, added, “I never thought any of that was remotely possible.”

Marsh said when he started, somebody at Barstool asked him where he sees himself in five to ten years. “Without hesitation I said, ‘I want to be a national network play-by-play broadcaster.’ That brings us to now and that is what I am going all in on.”

Marsh said he is proud of what he has accomplished in his five years with the company. “I have accomplished a lot, thanks to you guys.”

Marsh posted a message to the Barstool community on the website and said, “I’m looking for someone to give me a chance in this business in the booth, just like Pardon My Take gave me a shot five years ago. And I know the first step to making that happen is showing my full availability and flexibility to call games.” 

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