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Microsoft Bulking Up Bing to Compete With Google

According to a report from The Information, Microsoft is planning to launch a new version of its search engine Bing with new features that will help make it more competitive against Google.

Utilizing ChatGPT — which is powered by AI company OpenAI — will purportedly provide “humanlike answers” to questions placed with the search engine, rather than just links that match the searched query.

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However, Google has claimed it will wait to launch its own AI-powered search engine due to the posed “reputational risk” if it does not work properly from the outset.

“We are absolutely looking to get these things out into real products and into things that are more prominently featuring the language model rather than under the covers, which is where we’ve been using them to date,” said Google Head of Artificial Intelligence Jeff Dean in an interview with The Verge. “But, it’s super important we get this right.” Pichai added that Google has a “a lot” planned for AI language features in 2023, and that “this is an area where we need to be bold and responsible so we have to balance that.”

Microsoft’s relationship with OpenAI goes back several years, with the company investing $1 billion in the Artificial Intelligence organization in 2019. Microsoft holds the exclusive license for AI GPT-3.

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