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Greg Gutfeld: Potential Trump Arrest ‘Separated Intellects From Idiots’ In Media

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld compared former Donald Trump’s potential legal problems to a Nor’easter that never came. Gutfeld shared his observations on “The Five” Wednesday and surmised that Trump may have pranked the mainstream media when he took to Truth Social last weekend to announce that he would be arrested this week. 

“Did Trump just prank these morons?” Gutfeld said. “This looked like Christmas for morons, and he’s the guy that kicked this off. The press fell in line, lapped it up, and had one collective orgasm.” 

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Gutfeld pointed out that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough sounded uncertain discussing the news of a potential Trump arrest. Gutfeld added that this story has separated the “intellects from the idiots.” 

“It’s not down party lines at all. It’s like on the right and the left, people with working brains, unclouded by ego, the ratings saw it for what it is.” 

Late Wednesday, the New York Post reported that the court officials stated that the grand jury in Manhattan, reviewing evidence related to the “hush money” paid to Stormy Daniels, did not reconvene on Wednesday as initially planned, about the case against former President Donald Trump.

“The case is flimsier than a five-dollar bill,” Gutfeld said. “You have crime out of control in New York; something else is happening here. The smart people knew what was going on. But all the other people like [Joe] Scarborough and [Sunny]Hostin, you can’t blame them because they are, by science definition, idiots.” 

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