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Dorin Dickerson: I’ve Never Seen One Shining Moment

“One Shining Moment” is widely considered the culmination of the college basketball season, with many fans reminiscent of their team’s glory days. 93.7 The Fan’s Dorin Dickerson is not in that camp.

During a discussion about the longstanding video package on The Fan Morning Show, host Colin Dunlap shared his admiration for the usual close of the NCAA Tournament, and remembered the importance it played in his fandom growing up.

“You don’t even have to search for it,” Dunlap said. “It’s on social media. Someone retweeted it, someone reappropriated it, it’s right there. Somebody already had it there for you. Maybe you did a search and it took you five seconds…I did see a lot of people who said they have to stay up and watch One Shining Moment.

“If you just checked it out on the internet, and this is an ‘Old Man Yells at Cloud‘ stuff, the only was no other choice to stay up and see it live, and that was it. That’s what’s in your memory. I don’t wanna say it’s fallen off, but it has. You always have a way to see it. You can go to YouTube and just check it out. When I was coming up, it was after the game, you heard the music, and that was it.”

“I’ve never watched it,” Dickerson admitted. “I would probably watch it now because I’m more in tune to things outside the game, but growing up, I just wanted to watch the game. I didn’t pay attention to anything else. Not the announcers, never really paid attention to that. I pay attention to all of that now more, but I’ve never seen it because I never really cared.”

Dickerson continued by questioning why it was so important to Dunalp and co-host Chris Mack.

“They’re able to encapsulate what you just saw in the last month in two and a half minutes, and you can walk away and never say that they missed something,” Dunlap added. “You’re bleary-eyed…and you’re like ‘Oh that’s right, that kid from some obscure school, Southwest Missouri State, hit that shot that won the game’, and you think ‘Wow. That happened this tournament. I forgot. That feels like so long ago.'”

Mack simply said “It’s a time capsule”, adding that while the song is “corny”, it’s a strong tradition.

The 2023 version of One Shining Moment has garnered nearly 1 million views on Twitter from CBS Sports.

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