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‘Tucker On Twitter’ Debuted Tuesday

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson launched his new program called Tucker on Twitter, which marks his return after being fired by Fox News in April.

According to reports, Carlson is currently in discussions regarding his departure from Fox News, where he achieved high viewership with his primetime show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The network abruptly removed him from the airwaves after his final show on April 21, but he pledged to revive it in a different format on Twitter.

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In the inaugural episode of his latest show, Carlson addressed the devastating incident involving the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, describing it as a “terrorist act.”

A section of the dam and a nearby hydropower plant collapsed, resulting in the depletion of the Kakhovka reservoir and triggering extensive flooding in downstream regions. Ukrainian and Russian emergency teams worked together to evacuate numerous individuals. Both Russia and Ukraine have exchanged accusations regarding the failure of the dam.

“Blowing up the dam may be bad for Ukraine, but it hurts Russia more. And for that reason, the Ukrainian government has considered destroying it,” Carlson said.  “When the facts start coming in, it becomes much less of a mystery what might have happened to the dam. Any fair person would conclude that the Ukrainians probably blew it up.”

Situated in an area under Russian control, the dam and reservoir served as a vital source of freshwater for various regions in southern Ukraine and for the entirety of Crimea, which has been under Russian jurisdiction since its annexation in 2014. The reservoir also played a crucial role in supplying water to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Although the plant has an artificial lake to sustain its reactors, officials are concerned about the potential consequences once the lake becomes depleted in a few months’ time.

Subsequently, he delved into a critique of the “American media” that swiftly blamed the Russians for sabotaging their own infrastructure. He also directed criticism towards Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is currently participating in the GOP primary for president due to their unwavering support for Ukraine.

Carlson targeted both the media and prominent individuals for readily accepting certain narratives as facts without conducting the proper examination. He asserted, “Not only do the media show no interest in any of these matters, but they also actively oppose anyone who does. In the realm of journalism, being curious is considered the most serious offense.”

According to Carlson, his new show aims to confront the established beliefs prevailing in the media, and he intends to continue airing it on Twitter as long as the platform upholds its dedication to free expression.

“We have now migrated to Twitter, which we hope will serve as the modern-day equivalent of clandestine short-wave radio. We’ve been informed that there are no authoritative filters in this space. If it turns out otherwise, we will withdraw. However, for now, we appreciate the opportunity to be present here,” stated Carlson.

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