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Bob Iger Reportedly Seeking Contract Extension at Disney

Who will be the new boss at Disney? That answer may have to wait. Bob Iger is reportedly seeking a contract extension.

Iger came back to Disney in late 2022 after Bob Chapek was surprisingly let go. At the time, he signed a two-year contract with the idea that he would only be a short term answer.

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Several potential successors have been mentioned in recent months. One of the stronger candidates is ESPN boss Jimmy Pitaro. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has dismissed the idea that he is interested in the job.

Now, the company is reportedly having trouble deciding on who may be the right fit. Multiple FOX Business reports say that Iger is likely to seek another contract.

Like other media companies, the entire Walt Disney Company has been going through layoffs in an effort to rein in costs. The most high-profile have come at ESPN. At the same time, the company has sought to cut spending on films and shows for Disney+ and tried to find the right path forward as attendance at its theme parks drop amidst price hikes.

Disney also took a more aggressive stance in its legal fight against the state of Florida when Iger came back. As Governor Ron DeSantis continues his campaign for the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination, he is likely to use the standoff with Disney as a political tool. Could that play a role in the company’s inability to find a successor?

What that contract could look like remains to be seen. There are no details available regarding Iger’s timetable or goals. The Walt Disney Company will report its third quarter earnings next month.

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