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Jake Tapper: Laura Ingraham’s Take on CNN’s Trump Coverage ‘Wildly Dishonest’

During Wednesday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham took CNN and other media outlets to task for what she perceived as excitement about former President Donald Trump’s legal issues. Thursday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper responded.

“It’s like they’re all ready to pop. They do have that special glow. They’re expecting that Trump’s legal troubles will deliver a surprise next year,” Ingraham said during her show’s opening segment as she showcased clips of hosts on CNN and MSNBC discussing the latest Trump indictment.

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“The self-proclaimed defenders of democracy? They want you to believe that their priority is restoring respect and dignity to journalism and to politics. It’s going to be justice for all but when you listen closely, you see what they’re really all about,” argued Ingraham. “They’re really accusing Trump of what they themselves are just vengeful ideologues who revel in the humiliation and shame of others.”

A clip of the Fox News host’s comments circulated on X, formerly Twitter, Thursday morning when Tapper responded with pushback of his own.

“I know facts are a tough concept for the $787.5M defamation settlement channel, but in this piece CNN journalists & commentators, including conservatives, stating *facts* about Trump’s legal issues are falsely described as reveling in them,” Tapper wrote. “Wildly, characteristically dishonest.”

It is not the first time Tapper has charged Fox News with lying. Last month, the CNN anchor argued that the latest lawsuit against Fox News — this time by Ray Epps — showcased the lack of journalistic integrity at the cable channel.

“It’s just fascinating because it’s yet another example of irresponsible lies put out by that network, resulting in individuals, in this case, Ray Epps, who is a MAGA supporter, a conservative, a Fox viewer, who has been unfairly scapegoated for being — and none of this is true — but for being a federal agent or allied with the FBI and convincing the MAGA mob that day to do wrong,” Tapper said at the time. “This is a this is going to be yet another lawsuit where there are very serious allegations and Fox has some explaining to do.”

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