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NPR Uniting News and Programming Divisions Under New Chief Content Officer

With the announcement that NPR executive Anya Grundmann is exiting, the network has announced a plan to unify its content under one division starting next month.

President and CEO John Lansing told employees the network’s News and Programming divisions will be combined into one single unit beginning on Monday, September 11th.

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“This new unified division will include more than 600 people working together to support all aspects of content production for NPR,” Lansing said.

After the departure of Grundmann, the division will be run on an interim basis by Edith Chapin, who has been appointed as the newly created Chief Content Officer.

Previously, NPR’s news and other content offerings were separated and overseen by different executives. During her time at the public broadcaster, Grundmann oversaw the podcast, music, events, video, and talk radio programming.

Under the new structure, nine executives will report to the CCO.

“This new structure will ensure we’re more united than ever in our efforts to strengthen our network and succeed in our mission to reach our current and future audiences wherever they consume NPR content,” Lansing concluded.

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