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Greg Gutfeld: ‘I’m Not Going to Sit Up and Beg’ Kristi Noem to Appear on Fox News Show

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) canceled her appearances with Fox News and CNN to promote her new book after a series of disastrous interviews with other news outlets. Fox News primetime host Greg Gutfeld said he wasn’t interested in begging her for an interview.

Noem has been the subject of controversy first of revealing that she shot her 14-month-old puppy after it showed aggressive behavior and wouldn’t follow her directions. She subsequently shared she also shot a goat on her ranch.

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After those excerpts went viral, Noem came under fire for claiming she “stared down” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un when they met. However, a South Dakota publication investigated the claim and came to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely Noem ever met with the North Korean leader. She has continually refused to answer whether she met with the dictator.

As Gutfeld! began Tuesday night, the primetime host shared that Noem had reneged on her scheduled appearance. Earlier in the day, the Governor — who was viewed by many as a potential Vice Presidential candidate for Republican nominee Donald Trump — was pressed for answers by Newsmax host Rob Finnerty about claims made in her new book.

Representatives for Noem told the Fox News program that she was forced to cancel her appearance due to the weather.

“I don’t believe it,” Gutfeld said, before adding “I just think it’s a little late to keep her on a short leash. I hoped she’d reconsider, but I’m not going to sit up and beg.”

Fox News host Dana Perino jokingly sat in Noem’s place for the interrogation from Greg Gutfeld, joking that she had killed another puppy named “Ghost Writer.”

In addition to canceling her appearance with Fox News, Kristi Noem also did not make her scheduled visit with CNN’s Dana Bash during Inside Politics Wednesday.


  1. The story doesn’t pass the smell test. Gov. Noem was already interviewed by Fox’s Jesse Watters and Stuart Varney. It is unlikely she would have agreed to appear on Gutfeld’s comedy show.

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