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Tucker Carlson Network CEO Denies Report Company Has Deal with Russian State TV

A report from Russia that was then picked up by Newsweek claiming that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson had struck a deal to bring his Tucker Carlson Network programming to state TV in Russia has been refuted.

Former video shows produced by Carlson had been airing on Russia 24, with voiceovers redubbed into Russian, with a news outlet claiming the program was airing there as part of a business deal between Russian state television and Carlson’s new digital media entity.

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Newsweek then subsequently picked up the story, publishing an article reiterating the claims that Carlson had struck a deal with Russian authorities.

However, Neil Patel, the co-founder of the Daily Caller and current CEO of Tucker Carlson Network, strongly denied those claims.

“The Tucker Carlson Network has not done any deals with state media in any country,” Patel wrote. “Whoever is currently pretending to be the old Newsweek brand would know that if they had checked with us before printing like news companies are supposed to do.”

Newsweek later published further comments from Tucker Carlson Network Head of Programming and Production Operations Dean Thompson, who also denied the story.

“The story of a Russian show is totally false,” he said. “Any use of our content by that channel is without legal permission.”

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