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Dave Portnoy Reveals Recent Victory Over Cancer

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy recently revealed that he had skin cancer, wearing a bandage on the left side of his neck during an episode of The Dozen Trivia on Wednesday. Portnoy downplayed what he was dealing with and later posted on social media that he was cancer free, conveying that it “wasn’t the serious kind.”

Barstool Sports personality Rico Bosco stated that he was unaware that Portnoy had cancer, to which he replied that it was because he did not make “a big show of it.” Dan “Big Cat” Katz is also in the video where he criticized Bosco for wearing a sling on his arm while Portnoy was walking around with a bandage on the side of his neck as a result of the cancer he was dealing with. When asked how he was doing, Portnoy explained that he was good and that he would make it.

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After he had stayed in the sun for too long without applying sunscreen, Portnoy developed a mole that came back as cancerous, but he was not scared by the disease. Portnoy divulged these and additional details surrounding the diagnosis on a recent episode of the BFFs podcast, explaining that they took out the mole and had stitches on the side of his neck. Portnoy had posted on X earlier in May that he was looking for the best dermatologist to find out how his moles were doing.

“There is stitches underneath [of] it,” Portnoy said of his bandage. “It’s pretty badass. Listen, you don’t hear me complaining about it.” He later went on to explain that he had the right to say he was a cancer survivor after his bout with the disease.

The Barstool Sports founder was not at TD Garden on Monday night as the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship against the Dallas Mavericks but recorded a video in which he celebrated while smoking a cigar. Last year, Portnoy purchased the company back from PENN Entertainment in a transaction reportedly worth $1 after PENN reached a deal with The Walt Disney Company to rebrand its sportsbook to ESPN BET.

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