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Dan Dakich: ‘Stephen A. Smith is a Race-Baiter, That’s All He Has’

Dan Dakich had a strong reaction to something Stephen A. Smith said recently on First Take. Smith and Doug Gottlieb had a war of words after Smith said black head coaches had contacted him complaining about LeBron James doing a podcast with JJ Redick while his black head coach, Darvin Ham, was on the hot seat.

Smith had said, “Black coaches called a Black commentator to complain about a Black superstar doing a podcast while his Black head coach was on the hot seat before he ultimately lost the damn job. What does that have to do with white folks? Some things are none of your damn business.”

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During his Don’t @ Me show on, Dakich did not hold back on his opinion of Smith and what he said.

“Stephen A. Smith told white people, ‘Stay out of it, it’s black people’s business,’ with regard to Darvin Ham being on the hot seat and black coaches allegedly texting and getting ahold of Smith,” Dakich said. “I say ‘allegedly’ because he is clearly a liar. All you gotta do is follow Jason Whitlock and Stephen A. Smith’s bulls**t basketball career and you know Stephen A. Smith is the Joe Biden of television, but he alleges that coaches, black coaches, are mad that a white guy, JJ Redick is doing a podcast with a black guy, LeBron James.

“It upset coaches, black coaches, because their black brother, Darvin Ham was on the hot seat. Well, that’s fine, I get it. And if it happened, so what? They’re upset. Hey, go over in the corner and be upset. But Stephen A. Smith is now taking it to another level. Stephen A. Smith is now saying, ‘Hey man, it’s a black thing. He was upset because Doug Gottlieb on FOX called him a race-baiter. Well, Stephen A. Smith is a race baiter that’s all he has. He has nothing else. He has shown he knows nothing about basketball by being on NBA Countdown, absolutely no personality for a real show. Sure, he’s fine on his yelling and screaming show where he can dominate a guest, act like he knows something, talk over people, but he knows zip.

Dakich talked about having Smith on his Indianapolis radio show once and said he cut him off and ended the interview early.

“He was just yelling and screaming and talking. I get it, that’s his schtick and he’s gonna make a lot of money. But the whole idea of ‘White folk stay out of this’ is complete bulls**t. Then Stephen A. Smith, you stay your ass out of Caitlin Clark, and all of your African American colleagues, stay your ass outta little white girl stuff. Imagine how that would go over if somebody said it. ‘Hey Stephen stay your ass outta hockey, stay your ass outta anything where white people are involved. Stay your ass outta most things.’

“How about, white people stay your ass outta listening to Stephen A. Smith and paying attention to Stephen A. Smith. I put a ban on Stephen A. Smith, but this really pissed me off. Because I can’t stand racism. I just can’t stand it. And I think all of the people like Stephen A. Smith are deep down incredibly racist.”

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