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Chadwick Moore Says He’s Been Banned By Fox News

Chadwick Moore, a contributing editor at The Spectator and the writer of an upcoming biography about Tucker Carlson, asserted in a series of tweets on Sunday evening that he had experienced a form of professional exclusion known as “cancellation” by Fox News.

The situation unfolded when Moore mentioned that he could no longer appear on FNC for writing a book about Tucker Carlson.

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“I’ve been banned from the network,” he added before reporting that Fox News employees had told him “privately that all on-air talent have been banned from saying the name ‘Tucker’ on air,” he said.

Recently, Moore stated that he could verify allegations claiming that Fox News terminated Carlson’s employment last month as a confidential provision of their $787.5 billion settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. This settlement arose from accusations of disseminating false information about Dominion Voting Systems on several Fox programs, including “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“This is FACT: Fox News has a new policy (aside from banning me): they won’t plug any book from a guest unless HarperCollins published it,” said Moore. “You can’t be a guest on Fox unless you’re a Fox author…it’s all so hilarious and grotesque. Fox News will not let you promote your book unless Fox News publishes your book.”

“I’ve been canceled by liberal corporate media, and now I’m canceled by corporate conservative media. I think I’ll be fine. I couldn’t care less,” he added.

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