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Travis Kelce: Podcasting is ‘the Hardest Job in the World’

During the season in which Travis Kelce won his second Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, he began co-hosting a podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce called New Heights with Jason and Travis KelceHowever, it wasn’t easy. 

Travis was a guest on the Pardon My Take podcast and said that he felt that playing football was less challenging than trying to host a show. 

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“It’s the hardest job in the f**n world to keep coming up with content that people want to hear,” said Kelce. 

He did not know much about how to do a podcast before jumping in with his brother. Of course, the podcast gained a huge following throughout the year, including during Super Bowl week when the two brothers were going up against each other. 

Dan “Big Cat’ Katz and PFT Commentator asked Travis whether or not he felt he hit the wall during the season trying to come up with content or ran out of stories to tell. Travis mentioned his true challenge was trying to find time to keep doing the podcast during the long grind of a NFL season. 

“Thankfully, my brother is a hell of a storyteller and he just has them banked. I can’t remember what the f**k happens until he tells the story and I’m like damn it did happen. My brother is really the one driving it. He tells a story like none other.”

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