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Advertisers Would Pay Premium for Corresponding In-Dash Visuals, New Study Shows

A new study from Advertiser Perceptions shows that radio advertisers and agencies would pay a premium to see their commercials synced with in-dash visuals on car radios.

In 2021, media agencies and marketers said they were “very familiar” with in-car radio display technologies. In 2024, that figure has risen to 33%, with another 33% saying they were “somewhat familiar.”

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In total, 80% of advertisers claimed they were interested in in-dash visual ads. In 2021, only 64% of respondents answered similarly.

When asked “How much on top of a typical AM/FM radio buy would you be willing to invest in this new in-car visual display capability?” the average advertiser claimed they would be willing to increase their budget by 16% in the latest version of the study.

That figure was 14% in both 2022 and 2023, and was 12% in 2021.

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